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ENVASES has allocated the means to develop processes and products, and is now in a position to offer a
unique business proposition to provide our customers with a competitive advantage.

About us


We are a 4th generation family business, with over 60 years experience.
High investments in innovation and patented technologies with a wide range of aluminium cans and bottles.
Envases’ two modern European production plants offer expertise, innovation and tooling developed in-house and are fully equipped to handle your packaging requirements.
Customers with well known brands place their confidence in our highly reactive and trusted service.

Our philosophy

Envases is always focused on improving quality and efficiency. These improvements are achieved by investing in R+D and from our experienced employees who actively participate in the continuous improvement. ENVASES is an employer committed to ensuring that all employees develop their professional skills while enjoying a stable job and promotion opportunities.

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Our two production plants are strategically equipped to provide suitable solutions to the different needs of our customers. Both plants complement each other (contingency of supply) to provide our customers with additional support and enhance responsiveness to unforeseen situations



About 80 per cent of the world’s production still goes into the cosmetics sector but due to its outstanding functionality the share of aluminium aerosol cans is growing year on year in other markets.
· Personal Care : Deodorant, Eau de Toilette, Hair and Body care, …..
· Beauty products: Serum, Makeup, Moisturizing Cream, Self Tanning, …
· Pharmaceutical: Analgesics, Antiseptics, Nasal and Ear Hygiene, Vitamin complex, Repellents…
· Household: Sanitizers, Air Fresheners, Essential Oils, Cleaning, Lens Care, Hearing Devices …
· Food: Vegetable Oils, Whipped Cream, Pancake Batter, Egg Glazing ….
· Automotive: Lubricants, Tyre Repair, Liquid Snow Chains, Car Care…
· Fire Extinguishers


Aluminium aerosol cans guarantee a high standard of product integrity. The monoblock manufacturing process provides excellent barrier properties. Due to their excellent material and barrier properties aluminium aerosol cans are suitable for use with all types of propellants and formulations.
Depending on the formulation, cans may be partially uncoated, have a protective inner coating or use a bag-on-valve system.
They can be stored and transported in complete safety ensuring safe handling along the entire supply chain.


Lightweight, Strong & Infinitely Recyclable
Aluminium is not consumed, it is used. About 75 per cent of all aluminium ever produced is still in the material loop today.
Aluminium aerosol cans are environmentally friendly; up to 95 per cent less energy is used to produce secondary aluminium than is used to produce primary aluminium reducing its carbon footprint. The lightweight attribute of aluminium is – in relation to transport – another key factor in CO2 emission reductions.


The Most Versatile Opening

Wide range of diameters, heights, shaping, printing… from 35 diameter to 66 diameter.


Recyclable and Durable

One piece light and durable bottles.
High definition printing, no additional label required.
The perfect packaging for dispensing liquids or gel products.
Great flexibility in sizes and shapes available.


Innovative Packaging for the Premium Brands

One piece Aluminium bottle is a growing market for premium and special edition products.
Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Premium Liquor, Energy drinks … Any beverage boosts its exclusivity in this premium packaging.
Aluminium bottles are light, durable and recyclable resulting in an environmentally friendly product.
Unlike glass bottles Aluminium bottles are unbreakable and protect the product from light.
Envases Full Body Shaping allows a full customization of the bottle shape.
Resealable screw cap or crown cap avaliable.


Shape Up Your Brand

Envases patented registered shaping technology offers a full customisation of your can , taking the range of shaping to new levels.
Registered shaping will differentiate your brand from the existing shapes, and also improve the ergonomics of the can.



Let Your Brand Outshine the Competition

Hot stamping gives your packaging a prestigious finish and enhances your brand image.
Envases hot stamping technology is produced in-line with the benefit of reduced leadtimes.
Different foil colours to match all your designs.



Envases is focused on providing added value containers. With this approach, Envases has developed some special finishes that allow clients to create exclusive designs.

– Touch Effect: Creates a tactile pattern effect on the surface of the can.
– Matt & Gloss: Combine matt and gloss finishes on the same can.


PIR & PCR Aluminium

Recycled aluminium packaging, bottles and cans

Aluminium can be infinitely recycled and retains its properties indefinitely.
Envases manufactures aluminium cans, bottles and other containers using aluminium which is certified as 100% Post Industrial Recycled (recycled from the industrial manufacturing process) and which is certified as 25%, 50% and up to 100% Post Consumer Recycled (recycled after use by the final consumer).
The recycling of aluminium requires less than 5% of the energy which is needed to produce the primary aluminium in the first place.
The high quality of recycled aluminium means it is possible to manufacture bottles and cans – even aerosols – with the same quality of finishes and mechanical properties as containers made with primary metal.
PIR and PCR aluminum provides an identical protective barrier to that when primary aluminium is used.


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